Why is it important for Nurses to publish their Research?

Why is it important for Nurses to publish their Research?

Publishing Research is important because it provides us with an opportunity to share knowledge, skills and experience, and has the potential to improve user outcomes through changes in clinical practice. It avoids repetition, while at the same time allowing nurses an opportunity to sell their knowledge and contribute to their field. Reflecting critically on standards and effectiveness of practice is the essence of professional activity

Every research study has its strengths and limitations, therefore caution needs to be exercised by those using research to change practice, just because research is published in a journal does not guarantee that it is reliable and appropriate for clinical practice.

Therefore it’s important that Nurses using research are able to critically evaluate what they read, and then make an objective decision on whether or not to use those findings to implement changes. Critical appraisal takes time and practice, but it ensures that the highest possible standard for evidence-based practice is provided for patients

Writing for publication in nursing journals is essential to disseminate evidence, share initiatives and innovations with others, provide new information to keep nurses up-to-date, communicate the findings of research studies, and develop the science base of the nursing profession, whilst demonstrating the value of nursing care.

So, if you have completed a piece of research, why not:

  • Share knowledge
  • Share skills
  • Exchange experiences
  • Change clinical practice
  • Improve user outcomes
  • Enhance the credibility of Nursing profession
  • Increase the visibility of Nursing profession
  • Inspire others!