CPD via Mobile devices. Accessible, Affordable & Audit-able

mLearning (mobile Learning) is done through the use of a bespoke mobile microsite which delivers easily accessible and readily available bite sized CPD. This form of learning adds variety to the learning experience and works well with topics broken down into bite sized learning pieces.

mLearning is:

  • Effective CPD solution that could be quickly implemented
  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Simple to access
  • Easy to use
  • Bite sized learning (each topic usually takes 20 minutes to complete).
  • No special IT skills required (just have access to a smartphone, receive texts and click on the resources)
  • The videos/links etc can be revisited by the Learners to use it as a resource.
  • No access to a laptop or PC required
  • Can be done at a time that suits the individual
  • Does not require broadband
  • The MCQs are designed to ensure they are relevant to the topic video, quick to answer – this is bite sized learning on the go!, so it won’t take up too much of the Learners time.
  • Minimal administrative input is required from you.
  • Scalable – available to small and large groups

Learners will be invited to review weekly topics, complete a Personal Reflection on Learning Activity Record (optional) and answer a weekly mini quiz; by responding to the quizzes the Learners will accrue points. Additional topic relevant resources can be emailed to the Learners or added to your own LMS.

Very simply put the Learners will receive a text with a link on their mobile phones to access the microsite, where training videos or links to resources will be available. They will then receive a second SMS text with a link to a MCQ mini quiz.

If they complete this quiz they will be awarded points, once the relevant amount of points are achieved a certificate of completion is issued as evidence of their learning, which you can keep as record for audit purpose, and email a copy to them for their portfolio.

This type of learning (mLearning) was used with a group of 700+ General Practice Nurses with extremely positive results. Feedback showed that over 90% of respondents said what they liked most about mLearning was that it can be accessed/used anytime (it is easy to fit in with work and home life) and there are no time constraints (they can do it at a time that suits them). Over 97% of Respondents cited bite sized mLearning as a valuable way to keep their CPD up to date in the absence of face-to-face training.

Examples of comments below

They made me feel much more connected to the group in what was quite an isolating and initially challenging time. In the first few weeks having the gentle contact gave me a reassurance that I had the correct and up to date knowledge to stay as safe as possible. The modules have focused essential information without giving me a sense of feeling overwhelmed whilst trying to work and balance home life.

excellent learning platform and so easy to do on your phone

Really helpful to those of us not tech savvy

Not only did it keep us reading, thinking and learning but it made me and I’m sure many others feel that we were not totally on our own

Very good topics. Looked forward to it every week. Loved the wee quiz at the end.  Many thanks.